Eastman & SEEN AG

Bird protection – Cooperation of SEEN AG with Eastman

The protection of birds is becoming more and more important. While buildings are getting bigger and brighter, the danger of bird strikes on glass panes is growing. The SEEN Elements offer an effective and at the same time creative possibility to counteract this.

The cooperation between SEEN AG and Eastman will support glass processors, facade designers, and architects in making a valuable contribution to bird protection in the construction industry. This, without neglecting the use of design glass. In addition, both companies will be able to consolidate and expand their market position at the same time.

In setting up production, SEEN AG will receive technical support from Eastman, which guarantees one hundred percent correct handling of the PVB film. There is also mutual support in the long-term tests of the glass to be used and the associated approvals. SEEN AG is pleased to announce this cooperation.

The SEEN Elements

The SEEN Elements provide a unique new way to modify glass. The elements, which are metallically coated on one or both sides, are freely selectable in shape, size, color, and placement. Laminating foils or transparent carrier foils are used for the application.

Further information about bird protection on glass

Glass particularly increases the risk of bird strike. Transparency is a particular problem when a pane of glass is in an apparently free flight path. This happens, for example, on glazing over corners. The reflection in the glass front can also confuse birds if it reflects the surrounding nature.

Studies from the United States have shown that there are estimated two bird strikes per family home per year. Thus, significantly more birds die from larger buildings. The collision with the glass surface is at the top of the list of causes for the death of native species and migratory birds.

In previous tests, the SEEN Elements proved to be extremely effective and at the same time beneficial. A minimum coverage of less than one percent of the glass surface already ensures a classification as highly effective bird protection. This is also a product that does not have to be positioned on level 1 and therefore leaves the glass surface untouched and is protected in the composite. Here you can find the complete test report of the test trials according to the new WIN test method.

SEEN AG at ZAK Festival

Zak World of Fa├žades – Virtual Festival

The Zak World of Fa├žades conference series was launched in 2012. Since then it has developed into a globally recognized event that brings together new concepts, best practices, and current trends in the building envelope segment in one place. It has already hosted 75 events in 25 countries. Seven additional countries are planned for 2020. SEEN AG is taking part as well!

Last year we already participated in the Zak World of Fa├žades as exhibitors in Berlin, London and Stockholm. Due to the success of the event, we also planned to be present in various cities this year.

SEEN AG at the Zak World of Fa├žades

Due to the current situation, however, the festival has been moved to digital space in 2020: More than 4,000 participants from all over the world will register on a single virtual platform and exchange information with each other. New trends and technologies are not to be missed. For almost three months, keynote presentations, virtual workshops, panel discussions, and open tête-à-tête chats will be available.

From 01. to 31. October we will present our products and exciting projects. On our company profile, you will find comprehensive information about the products of SEEN AG. Our focus is on our SEEN Elements, thin stones, acrylic glass, and metallic coatings.

We are looking forward to old acquaintances, new contacts, and many impressions!

Metal Coating and 3D printing

Cooperation with BASF in 3D printing

In the field of metal coatings and 3D printing, SEEN AG is now cooperating with BASF Forward AM. Our partner develops the appropriate material for 3D printing and provides different designs. The metal coatings are available in 24K gold, aluminum, or ITO (indium tin oxide).


3D printing of SEEN AG is mainly used in lightweight construction. We support especially when production is very cost-intensive due to small quantities or many different shapes made of solid metal. Thanks to 3D printing, we are able to combine many small elements into one larger one without any problems. The coating process of SEEN AG ensures an even and homogeneous metallic coating.

Used coatings

Even the 24K gold and aluminum are applied 100% homogeneously to the plastic 3D print. While these two metals are used more for architectural aesthetics, the mixed oxide ITO has many other advantages. Indium tin oxide is a semiconducting, translucent, and almost transparent material. For example, it is also used for touch screens and thin-film solar cells. But ITO also finds its place in architecture, especially for heated windows.

BASF Forward AM

BASF Forward AM is part of BASF SE and offers solutions in 3D printing along the entire value chain of additive manufacturing. The company is characterized on the one hand by many years of experience and on the other hand by its exceptional innovative spirit.

We are pleased about the new cooperation in the field of 3D printing and metal coatings. With Additive Manufacturing we open new doors to many new possibilities in industrial design, architecture, and interior design.